2021: Eastern Environments

Hello, and welcome to this year’s edition of Life on the Pamlico. This year’s publication focuses on the environment of Eastern North Carolina, particularly as it pertains the local area. The environment has a profound impact on the livelihood of our area. It provides jobs, generates necessities, and encourages tourism in the community. This semester, students in my Cultural Studies course worked diligently to understand these impacts of the environment on our local culture via research into their local communities.
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While we faced some challenges this year due to the pandemic, our students and staff have rallied to pull together the stories and video to provide an interesting overview of the types of people who impact the environment in our area. In this edition, you can learn more about how our local resources have been built, managed, and preserved for future generations. You’ll also learn how local families interact with the environment right in their own backyards. of our individual family cultures in addition to reading our stories.

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In times of crisis, we often turn to the environment – walks in the woods, digging in the garden – to find solace. We hope this year’s edition finds you healthy and well, and it leaves with you a little closer connection to the world around you.

Suzanne Stotesbury, Editor

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