2019: Family Flavors

Hello! Once again, it’s time to welcome you to our annual edition of Life on the Pamlico. For the 2019 edition, students in my Cultural Studies course spent countless hours researching, interviewing, and yes, even cooking food. Food is an integral part of Southern culture, and each family has its own food traditions.

This semester, we learned so much. From traditional Mexican tamales to Grandma’s famous fudge, the students explored their families’ favorite foods to find just the right ones to share with our class. With much effort, hours in the kitchen, and perseverance, this year’s students have produced not only a magazine of food stories, but they also share their recipes so our readers can “taste” a little2019 cover of our individual family cultures in addition to reading our stories.

Download the 2019 edition (15 MB .pdf)

There’s nothing quite like food to bring a family together, and these food traditions are what continue to bind us together long after the authors of the recipes have passed. Many of our recipes are those enjoyed during a celebration, and we hope you will celebrate in kind by trying some of our “Family Flavors”.

Suzanne Stotesbury, Editor

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