2017: Celebrating 50 Years of BCCC

Hello, and welcome to our 2017 edition of Life on the Pamlico. Each Spring semester, I teach a HUM 120 – Cultural Studies course that focuses on the cultural aspects of life in northeastern North Carolina. Through intense research and interaction with our local community, the students work diligently to compile articles and biographies that highlight the unique qualities of the area we live in.

This year's edition is particularly special, as it focuses on a place that is most dear to all of us – Be2012 Previewaufort County Community College. This year, the college is celebrating 50 years of providing higher education in Beaufort and surrounding counties. BCCC's coverage area contains Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties, though a fair amount of students from other surrounding counties attend the college as well. These students have invested their first steps into higher education at our institute, and their connection to the college, be it for a first degree or a last diploma, their experiences forever bind them to the history and memories of our college.

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This year provided unique opportunities for our students, as they were allowed to search through archives in the college Learning Resources Center (library). In a world were electronic media dominates, these students were sifting through yellowed documents, black and white photos, slides, and a few even had to learn to use microfilm to gain the information they needed. This was a worthwhile and unique experience for them, and the responsibility of accurately recording the historical and modern elements of the college were always in the forefront of the students' minds. Emily, Kara, Alyssa, Tiffany, Rachel, and Raphael worked diligently for months to compile all the information they needed. They read stacks and stacks of old reports, newspaper clippings, advertising, and even a few past print editions of Life on the Pamlico (which are viewable in our archives) to compile their stories.

These six students set an ambitious schedule of entries in this year's publication. There were some setbacks – a few ideas that had to be reconsidered, a few stories canceled or consolidated – but their vision of providing a glimpse into the history and the modern campus still triumphed in this final draft of the publication. I hope you enjoy reading their final result as much as James, our designer, and I have in assisting these students in creating this BCCC 50th anniversary edition of Life on the Pamlico.

Suzanne Stotesbury, Editor

Be sure to visit the archives for past digital issues, articles, and scans of early volumes of Life on the Pamlico.


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