Online Assistance Available

The LEC is currently CLOSED on the BCCC campus. However, LEC Director James E. Casey and select LEC tutors are available for online assistance by appointment.  


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Appointments are REQUIRED and are available in 30-minute blocks.



Tutoring in the Learning Enhancement Center


  • Tutoring


    The LEC offers a weekly schedule of Professional, Faculty, and Peer Tutoring in a number of core disciplines. The LEC provides, on a drop-in basis, a supportive atmosphere for one-on-one and group tutoring. Online Tutoring is also available, by appointment, for students enrolled in distance education courses.

  • Technology


    The LEC is equipped with full-sized computer lab for students who need extra assistance in everything from basic computer skills and word processing to online courseware and email use.

  • Testing


    The LEC also provides a silent testing area for computer-based and traditional testing in coordination with your instructor.

Subject-specific tutoring schedules will return when the LEC reopens.


The LEC offers a number of online resources to help with your off-campus studies.


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  • An Instructor's referral is required for each class in which a student will use the LEC. Blank printed forms are always available at the LEC; however, the electronic version of the form can be downloaded, completed, and printed or submitted by the instructor via campus email.